Wednesday, May 21, 2008

why avoid wheat?

One element of my fibroid-fighting plan has been avoiding wheat. Some people may be wondering why. Here are some reasons:

1. Many people are sensitive to gluten and may not even realize it. Not eating foods you are sensitive to is helpful for one's health in general, especially when involved in a healing process.
2. Eating more alkaline foods and getting your body more alkaline is a good thing to do for fighting fibroids. Wheat is one of the most acid-forming foods, so avoiding wheat makes sense if you are trying to be more alkaline.
3. Detoxifying is something that is good for fibroid fighters. Many alternative health practitioners recommend avoiding wheat while you are doing a detox. My acupuncturist says it's because gluten "gums up the system at the time you are trying to get rid of things". This site has a more scientific explanation:

This blogger says that her pain from fibroids was reduced when she went gluten-free.

While poking around to write this post, I found this interesting page ( which suggests that oats may be ok when following a gluen-free diet. Special gluten-free oats (not cross-contaminated with wheat) are now being produced:


Anya said...

We had mostly given up wheat and were only using spelt until we started following the weston price diet. Now we use wheat again at home, but it has to be soaked to remove the phytates. It turns out that pre-industrialised westerners processed all wheat slowly like this and infact most grains, including oats as it makes the grains easier to digest. One of the few that doesn't really need to be soaked is rice apparently, as it contains a much smaller amount of phytates.

The other thing we do wrong, is ground the flour too fine. Apparently this allows it to get caught in the digestive system. The only way to eat is whole organic stone ground, and soaked.

Fibroid Shrinker said...

This is very interesting, thank you!

Anonymous said...

thereis a lo of info out there, i was diagnosed with a 13cm fibroid. Buy healing fibroids naturallyby dr.allen w. he is an expert in fibroids. Been reading the book and found alot of useful info like the fact that what you eat can feed or starve the fibroid. researchis key, ive been taking acv with molasses just to see if it helps, also stay away from foods that have no nutritional value and meats which feed the growth. Make your diet more alkaline, bitter stuff is very alkline. And last but not least research GMO and stay away from it. I gave GMO up before i knew about the fibroid. You have to invest your time in being proactive to heal yourself, minimize tv and read up more on your body's need. There is enough time in the day to do everything you need to do, it just depends what time you get up, and what time you get up depends on your energy and your energy depends on what you eat. Alas remember that 'WHAT YOU EAT CAN EITHER KILL YOU OR HEAL YOU' be a smart eater. PLB

Fibroid Shrinker said...

Thanks, yes it does seem that what one eats is crucial!