Monday, March 3, 2008

progress indicator

It's hard to tell if my fibroid shrinking is succeeding. I asked my acupuncturist to feel around on my stomach, and he says he can hardly feel anything, but that was the case the first day I visited him in December. He says that due to their depth and angle, fibroids can be hard to feel from outside. So I won't know for sure what is going on until my ultrasound in April. How frustrating.

But for the time being, one postive: I have lost 5 pounds. Still ten to 15 more to go to be in my ideal range, but it's a start!


Anonymous said...

what about your periods? are there still better than they used to be? do you still take BSM?

thanks for your posts!

Fibroid Shrinker said...

Thanks for asking.
I'm still taking the blackstrap molasses, I mix it with the Chinese herbs and am finding it quite tasty!
My periods are the same as the first one after I started the BSM. In other words, I saw a big difference in that first period, but after that they have been pretty much the same as that one -- have not gotten better but have not gotten any worse either.

Anonymous said...

I am wondering when you are going to go for your ultrasound in April! I will be very curious to see what they have to say. I really hope it shows the fibroids are shrinking. I'm rooting for you!

Fibroid Shrinker said...

Thanks so much, I really appreciate it! I'm scheduled for next week for the ultrasound but my period is really late this month so it looks like I'll have to push it back a week. I too am eager to see too. One thing, I have this lipoma on the side of my waist (it's like a fatty lump) that has shrunk, and my acupuncturist says that it's similar to the fibroids energetically, so hoping that means the fibroids are smaller too!
Really appreciate your support!