Monday, March 3, 2008

Pau D'Arco and Dandelion Root teas

Since I'm no longer drinking the raspberry leaf tea, I need to figure out another tea to carry around with me as teabags in my purse. I decided to pick up some pau d'arco, which is mentioned as an ingredient in some fibroid-reducing formulas.

I just did an internet scan on this herb (well, actually it's the bark from a rainforest tree), its primary positives for fibroid shrinkers are that it supports the liver and that it's a good source of iron. And since it's supposedly good for cancer, it seems that some make the leap that it's good for all types of tumors, but I didn't see any real evidence of this.

I would not make this a mainstay of my fibroid-shrinking efforts, but I hate missing a "dosing opportunity" when I am out and about (and thus not drinking my Chinese herbs, which are not portable). So rather than a cup of plain hot water or some herbal tea that doesn't do anything particularly special for fibroids, thought I would try this.

I bought the Traditional Medicinals bags, I had tried one at a friend's and thought the taste was agreeable.

It says that you need to take a break after using this herb for awhile, so I am thinking to alternate one month with this as my purse tea bag, and then the next month with dandelion root., which is another liver supporting herb mentioned often as being helpful for fibroid shrinkers. This is also available from Traditional Medicinals.

Just for the record, I also bought fill-yourself empty tea bags to use with my chrysanthemum tea, but am not sure how portable they will be...


J said...

Why did you quit drinking the raspberry leaf tea? I saw it listed in "Natural Cures" for fibroids
-Jet, also 43 fighting fibroids naturally

Fibroid Shrinker said...

Yes lots of people list it as a cure and I have seen many herbalists wax enthusiastic about it online. However two reasons I quit drinking it:
1. saw information that it is estrogenic, which made me worried
2. my current acupuncturist is against it, she thinks it stimulates the uterus too much

maria Martinez said...

Did the Pau D Arco shrink your fibroids? Did it make you monthly cycles heavier?

Fibroid Shrinker said...

Still working on shrinking but have made some progress in recent months. Has not made cycles heavier.