Thursday, March 6, 2008

Eat Right for Your Type

My acupuncturist advised me to follow the diet in Eat Right for Your Type, the best-selling diet book of a few years ago. Well, to follow this diet in conjunction with his other recommendations.

The idea behind this book is that depending on your blood type, a different mix of foods is suitable to you. If you eat a food that is good for your blood type, good lectins (a substance in your blood) are created, and if you eat a food that is bad for your blood type, bad lectins are created. The more good lectins and the fewer bad lectins you have, the better you will feel. So the idea of following this diet for fibroid shrinkers is that it will help your body to operate more efficiently overall, which should indirectly promote fibroid shrinkage. In other words, this diet is helpful but just this alone is not likely to be enough. But it's a nice addition to the arsenal. As my acupuncturist put it, his patients just seem to do better if they follow it.

The information on lectins and their power was quite convincing, I have to admit. And there must be a reason why this book was such a big best-seller.

The book contains detailed lists of what to eat and not eat. I'm an AB, which means I have a particularly tricky diet with lots of things I'm supposed to be avoiding...

It says in the book that ABs are particularly prone to cancer. I wonder if blood type might be related to fibroids?

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Anonymous said...

D'adamo says that type A's, like me, should be vegetarians.

I know for a fact that when I go vegetarian I lose weight like crazy. So there may be something to it.