Monday, February 25, 2008

Secret of the Shadow

As part of the work with my coach on addressing some of the unresolved emotional issues that may be at the energetic root of my fibroids, I am reading the book The Secret of the Shadow. The theme is all about embracing your "story" -- the difficult things in you

I have to admit that this book is not particularly well-written (as a professional writer I say she needed a better editor, it gets rather repetitive). Indeed if you look at the Amazon page using the link above you'll see that the "official" reviews are decidedly mixed. However, if you look at the reader reviews, they absolutely rave. If you can overlook the writing style, this book is very helpful, it has some good exercises in it. (Be sure to get a nice journal to use when working with it).

Changing the way you think about things can be one way to shift the energy in your body, and get out of whatever pattern helped give rise to the fibroids.

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