Monday, February 25, 2008

cooking with pasta sauce

I've been cooking with pasta sauce a bit this week. It's high in lycopene so good for fibroid fighters, and a jar of it can be stored in the pantry so good for us busy working gals.

Specifically I have been using it to cover the flavor of fibroid fighting foods that don't taste so great on their own.

On Saturday I stir-fried some shiitake mushrooms in olive oil and then poured in some pasta sauce, and then added a serving of cooked quinoa to make a kind of porridge. Delicious -- the sauce covered the quinoa flavor.

Today I decided to try pasta sauce as a substitute for barbecue sauce when eating my natto, as I have become sick of it. I chopped up some leeks and garlic and stir fried in olive oil, added the pasta sauce and warmed, then stirred in a package of natto. Poured this all over hot brown rice. The sauce completely masked the natto taste.

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