Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Cure Within

The New York Times Book Review today had an interesting review of a new book about the mind-body connection called The Cure Within.

A history of alternative medicine, it looks like a fascinating book. Not a how-too, but would be interested for all fibroid shrinkers, as so many of the techniques that seem to work for fibroid shrinking are alternative ones. Looks like something one could share with someone in ones life who is skeptical about alternative medicine.

Here's a link to the review:


Anonymous said...

I read Harrington’s interesting book a couple of months ago. I found it to be a valuable source of information because it had a very objective approach and wasn’t promoting any particular viewpoint. I read another book around the same time about faith as related to health, and it only reported research that did find a significant positive link. Nothing was included about research with results that were ambiguous or raised doubts about a link.

I find myself in a dilemma regarding one thing Harrington's extensive review of the research found very likely to be helpful to health: a strong social network. I often find that following diet-related strategies creates problems in social situations. I have known for years that avoiding sugar controls my tendency toward acne. People who are in my life regularly can see evidence for this themselves, but some of them still tend to pressure me to have some "just for this special occasion" or because it is "just a little" or etc. Some try to be supportive and prepare things that they think are okay for me, but often I know there is hidden sugar in an ingredient. Sometimes I’ve had situations such as the one you mentioned with your mother and the microwaving in plastic. Now I’m trying to follow a “fibroid diet” that is even more restrictive. I find doing this in social situations to be EXTREMELY stressful. One morning at breakfast in a restaurant soon after my diagnosis when I was still very upset about having a tumor of any kind I just couldn’t keep myself from crying because of a comment someone made. So following the diet I think is healthier for me leads to more stress or more isolated lifestyle, unhealthy consequences.

Fibroid Shrinker said...

Thanks so much for your comment! It was so interesting and I so much relate to it, I featured it in my latest post and shared my comments about it. Thanks again!