Friday, January 25, 2008

The 247-lb. Vegan

The Wall Street Journal had an article today with the same title as this post. Tells the story of NFL star Tony Gonzalez who switched to being a vegan. Particularly piqued my interest because my fibroid shrinking diet is essentially vegan. I plan to show it to my boyfriend, who I think still doesn't really understand why I'm not eating meat anymore. Seeing this big rugged sports star who has gone vegan and whose diet looks rather like mine I think will be helpful for my boyfriend.

I do have to say I relate to the part of his story when he first started being a vegan and was not eating enough protein. I'm feeling tired today and I think this may be part of my problem, I need to be more diligent about this I think. Protein is definitely the most problematic part of the fibroid-shrinking diet.

The article mentioned two books which I had not heard of, both of which extol veganism and have been popular recently, may be worth checking out especially if avoiding animal products is a new concept for you: Skinny Bitch (which I discovered has a related title Skinny Bitch in the Kitchen ); and The China Study.

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