Friday, November 24, 2017

The best nutrition thing I've done all year, now on sale

I did something this year that was really helpful for my nutrition game, called Habit. They are offering a special discount so thought I would tell everyone about it. I've lost weight lately and this has helped.

The way it works is that they send you a test kit. First you do a cheek swab for DNA info. Then you put blood drops on a card before and after drinking a special shake, which gives them info on how your body metabolizes fats, proteins and carbs. (If you've done 23andme, you can import your results and skip the cheek swab and it's less expensive).

Based on this information, you get a report telling you what diet is best for you. Not some generic diet, but a diet based on your body's unique needs. This was really helpful and unique information that I put to use right away. They will also link to your Fitbit data and adjust the recommendations based on that too.

In my case I am a "protein seeker" which confirmed what I had suspected but made it official. The report gives lots of info on the best mix of proteins, fats, and carbs, and how many portions of what you should be trying to eat, and also some specific foods that are particularly good for your body chemistry.

They have a special $100 off sale through Monday, and after that $25 off, if you sign up through this link and you use this promo code: 1ba91f75f9

If you live in the SF Bay area, you can also purchase pre-made meals that are perfectly suited to your individual nutrition needs, and are pretty tasty too. (They may be in other areas too, there is a place on the site to put in your zip code and see if they deliver there).

Highly recommend this for those who want to lose weight, have your meals feel more satisfying, or optimize your nutrition.

Here you can see some of what my recommendations were:

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