Monday, March 6, 2017

just diagnosed with fibroids and am in a lot of pain, what do I do?

A friend of mine recently asked me this question, she had just been diagnosed with small fibroids and was in a lot of pain.  So I thought about what would be the top things for her to do. I wrote her the following letter. That was two weeks ago, and I saw her again today and she gave me a big thank you. Evidently it's working as her pain has completely gone away. Time will of course tell on the shrinking but she is now a lot more comfortable. The first thing she took was the blackstrap molasses as she had some in the house, and just that alone helped a lot she said.

I hope this list is helpful to other people too! Wow I wish someone had given me this list when my fibroids were first introduced. Things would have been a lot different for me...

Dear XXX,

As promised here are my fibroids recommendations.

Blackstrap Molasses, 1 tablespoon twice a day  Many people say this makes them more comfortable.

Something to take down your estrogen levels. Either DIM or Breast Defend (more expensive but more ingredients). I take 6 Breast Defend per day.

Drink lots of green tea and/or take green tea pills  Green tea can shrink fibroids.

Vitamin D, either drops or pills  Vitamin D can shrink fibroids.

Selenium. Many people who have fibroids are deficient in selenium. This kind is the best

Systemic enzymes. They break down the fibroids. Try one of these. Must take between meals. You need to take 15-20 per day to have them work.
·         Vitalzym
·         Serapptase
·         Mixed enzymes

·         Pills
·         Drink dandelion tea
·         Drink detox tea

Pectin to soak up toxins (no food or supplements one hour before and one hour afterward, good to take at bedtime)

Chinese herbs that help with fibroids
Take three scoops (gram spoon) twice a day in hot water. Can do along with the blackstrap molasses.

Do castor oil packs (pour flannel on wool, put on top of your stomach with a hot water bottle on top of it. Be careful, it’s messy)

A lot of people say that chaste tree helps them. 10-20 drops per day.

B vitamins also good. I take these

You might want to try adding one thing at a time and see what helps.

I hope this helps and that you feel better!


HealthyWoman said...

I was just diagnosed with several fibroids, one of which is 11cm. I am going for a consultation next week and I already know that they will push some invasive form or fibroid removal. I am doing research and came across your blog. In a post several years ago there was a conversation about Crila. Have you discovered any current research on it? In the meantime I will be exploring some the tips you provided to your friend and I will start with the blackstrap molasses

Fibroid Shrinker said...

Hello Healthy Woman,
Sorry to hear about your diagnosis, and sounds like you've got a big one.
No I haven't found any recent research or reports about the Crila.
Hope these tips help. My friend said she felt better right away just from the blackstrap molasses.
Keep us posted how you are doing.