Saturday, July 16, 2016

sleep and fertility, sleep and hormones, plus other sleep stuff!

Here's another summit, they seem to be popping up like mushrooms!  This one is all about sleep and starts on August 8th. Signup is here.

Talk topics include:

  • Does Gut Health Prevent Quality Sleep?
  • Is Your Past Preventing You from Sleeping?
  • Your Hormones Could Be Affecting Your Sleep
  • Link Between Fertility and Sleep
  • Creating Energy from Better Sleep
  • Telomeres and Sleep

Looks interesting.  Sleep is important to anyone on a fibroid healing or fertility journey as it's a basic building block to health, so this looks like a good one.

If you are seeing this after it's over or if you want to listen to the presentations at your leisure, you can also purchase all of them here.

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