Thursday, September 3, 2015

Uterine fibroids are characterized by an impaired antioxidant cellular system

Interesting information, not sure what to do about it... post here  Here's a related one too.
Perhaps try catalase?  Catalase deficiency is also what causes grey hairs. I looked through a bunch of catalase products and this one looks good. I might try some SOD too, this one has catalase in it.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Fibroid Shrinker,
Thanks for your blog. It's been very informative as I try to shrink my fibroids.
I have approx 7 fibroids that measure between 2-4cm but one of them grew to over 7cm when I was pregnant for 2 weeks after doing a cycle of IVF. Even though I have no symptoms from them, my Dr recommended that before I do another embryo transfer I get them removed. Therefore I'm on a quest to shrink them. I've had some success with a very aggressive acupuncture treatment recently.
Are you doing IVF? What is the update on your fibroids?
I recently discovered SOD as well and actually took my first dose this morning, with the decaffienated green tea extract I take in the morning. My issue is SOD is gluten based and I am definitely sensitive to gluten. I found another product on amazon that is SOD without gluten but not sure of its effectiveness.
Looking forward to hearing you update!