Sunday, June 7, 2015

gut dysbiosis link to hormonal issues

She doesn't mention fibroids specifically, but if you read this post it's clear that gut dysbiosis can lead to or worsen fibroids. I believe that gut health is a priority for everyone trying to shrink their fibroids. She has a nice quiz in here to help identify if you have dysbiosis. Article here.


Anonymous said...

Please check the following

can I ask you

1. is all your efforts in this journey so far helped in reducing the number of fibroids or size of it. I am regular follower of your blog. hope it not too personal question. If so, Sorry please.

2. I remember you earlier telling ivf protocols again influenced hormone levels

3. Looking back, do you feel, myomectomy would have been better option.
Because, I am 42, having 4.5 to 5 cm fibroid which can not be removed by laparoscopy due to its position. undergone two surgeries in abdomen already including a myomectomy. Thank you very much.

best wishes and regards

Fibroid Shrinker said...

Hello Anuja
Unfortunately so far the effects of the IVF drugs have cancelled out the fibroid shrinking efforts, so unfortunately am not yet able to make the progress that I would like. Also admittedly have not been sufficiently diligent in my efforts, due to heavy work schedule difficult to maintain the exercise regimen that I would like to. Am still working on it though...
Personally I do not feel myomectomy would have been a good option for me, but that's me as I am terrified of surgeries. But everyone has to make their own decision.