Saturday, April 26, 2014

The gluten-thyroid link, and more about your thyroid

On my fibroid-shrinking journey I have heard many times (and have discussed various times on this blog) how many experts believe that fibroids are linked to thyroid issues. And indeed my thyroid was subtly off during the time that my fibroids were establishing themselves. And thyroid health is also essential for fertility overall.

So, certainly don't want to miss this good opportunity to learn more about our thyroids and how to keep them healthy.  A telesummit is coming up starting May 4th with a whole slew of presentations about the thyroid, including "The Thyroid’s Effect on Conception and Pregnancy" and "Your Fertility Depends on Your Thyroid Gland: Support It!"

Full details and registration information are here (it's free).  When you sign up, you can also immediately view a full length video presentation about the gluten-thyroid connection.

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Anuja said...

good day!

I am a follower of your blog for years now. Thank you for your time and effort. how is your journey going currently. since fibroid and pregnancy is so much linked,
how are you fixing the time limits for key decisions in treatments of fibroid as well pregnancy. I would love to contact you by mail. but don't know how to send email from this blog.
best wishes