Saturday, March 15, 2014

acai for sinus/allergies and better sleep?

Lately I have been having trouble with spring allergies, and also waking up in the morning not feeling refreshed.  Somewhat by chance, last night I took a scoop of Sambazon Acai powder right before going to bed, and this morning I awoke refreshed and without the big allergic reaction I normally have in the morning. Wow, huge difference from normal. I am going to make this my nighttime routine!

I couldn't find any information online that acai is good for sinus or helping with sleep.  And of course as with other "miracle berries" there is a lot of low quality information out there online.  I looked specifically for info on acai and fibroids, but there doesn't seem to be anything out there, although it does seem to be an ingredient in a couple of specious-looking supplements available out there. There is some evidence it might kill cancer cells.  Here's a summary of its good qualities and one more. Certainly can't hurt, and seemed to be very helpful for me!

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