Saturday, February 22, 2014

progress report: 20% shrinkage over past 4 months

I started a new protocol at the beginning of November and it's been working!  Some of the elements are continued from previously, and some are new ones.  In particular, the homeopathic cell salt I think is the key element.

My Chi Nei Tsang practitioner estimates that I have had about 20% shrinkage since the beginning of November.  So it looks like I have found an approach that works for me, and will keep tweaking it to continue and accelerate the shrinkage! (Note, I am going to wait to get an ultrasound for exact measurement until I have more shrinkage, but I too can see and feel the difference so I am very sure there has been shrinkage.)

Key elements:

  • Homeopathic cell salt aimed at addressing sycosis. I'll write more about this later when I have more time, it's a homeopathic tendency to create excess growths.  Homeopathic doctors 100+ years ago got great results in fibroid shrinking by addressing sycosis. The one I am using is calcarea fluorica, I have mostly used the 30c but also sometimes use 6x.
  • Additional homepathic remedies by Unda and also Gemmotherapy remedies (red raspberry and rosemary) prescribed by my naturopath.
  • Chinese herbs:  Sparganium 12 most of the time, occasionally rotating with Gui Zhi Fu Ling and Four Substances for Women.  Sparganium 12 has a combination of the best mass-shrinking herbs and also it's very reasonably priced compared to some other Chinese herb formulas with similar ingredients.
  • Slender Tea, one packet per day.  I don't think it necessarily makes you slender, but the astralagus strengthens the spleen and it has green tea (a proven green tea shrinker) in it too. Bonus -- it's currently on sale!  And I love how it tastes. Occasionally for a break rotate out with White Peony Tea.
  • DIM and d-calcium glucarate, each 2-3 times daily.  For estrogen metabolism.
  • Not very consistent but when possible doing the Shangri-La Diet, with refined walnut oil and also taking my 2x daily fish oil (Ultimate Omega) away from meals instead of with.
  • Working with a new acupuncturist who has been focusing on my stomach and spleen channels, and also with a Standard Process nutritional response testing expert who has put me on some of their products.
I'm doing a lot of other things too but these are the ones that I am doing differently so it's one or a combination of these that seem to be doing the trick. As I said, I think that the calcarea fluorica is likely the big key.


Anonymous said...

I am glad to know your improvement. I am 28 suffering from multiple fibroids....i had a myomectmy 28 months back....dr removed 18 fibroids and now I am having them again. I got married last year and trying my best to conceive....but unfortunately no luck, my fallopian tubes might be Compressed or god knows. Please is there anyway anyone can help me. I am immensely depressed as I am just 28 having this problem. Everyone is talking about black strap molasses....does this really work??

Fibroid Shrinker said...

Hello Anonymous. So sorry to hear your fibroids are growing back after your myomectomy. It seems that blackstrap molasses helps with fibroid symptoms, but that alone is not enough to do it. You need to make a major change in your body's "ecology" to get shrinkage. Try the things listed in this article, and also go to a homeopath because as I mention here it seems to help.