Saturday, December 7, 2013

yoga for hips

Went to an excellent workshop on the hips and hamstrings at Prajna yoga center in San Carlos CA today.  The hips DVD in this set seems to have similar material, will try this for keeping up the work.  It's cheaper to get in this 3-DVD set, I have shoulder issues so that DVD sounds good and the core one has the following description which sounds very relevant for those of us working on fibroids and fertility:   "a unique Yoga-based practice specifically addressing physical, emotional and spiritual issues lodged deep inside your core. Unlock the power of your center and reconnect to the natural vitality buried within. This series of extraordinarily deep abdominal exercises strengthens you from the inside out and is designed to penetrate weak muscle tissue, awaken sluggish organs, stretch scar tissue and cultivate vibrancy throughout your nervous system."

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