Monday, August 19, 2013

my current fibroid-shrinking regimen


Fibropause II -- 8 3x day
Source Naturals Serraptase -- 8 3x day
DimPro -- 1 3x day
D-Calcium glucarate -- 2 2x day
Women's Best Friend by Crystal Star 
Powdered herb blend from my acupuncturist, 3 scoops 3x day
homeopathics for circulation and menstrual support, iron and mineral absorption, and lymph drainage: Ferrodona 10 drops 2xday, Clauparest 10 drops 2x day, Dalektron 14 drops 2x day, LMPH-DRN 8 drops 2x day, and Upelva 12 drops 2x day

Standard Process Parotid PMG -- 1 3x day
Standard Process AF Betafood -- 1 3x day
Standard Process Cholacol II -- 1 3x day

Plus other additional items (Chinese herbs, supplements, homeopathy, topicals, etc.) switched up daily based on condition.

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