Sunday, June 30, 2013

free exercise videos online

I'm really working on getting in shape, and vigorous exercise is supposed to help with fibroid shrinking too.  I  find that buying lots of workout tapes tends to clutter up the house, and also I get bored doing the same ones over and over.  So delighted to find this resource of good quality free fitness videos on the web, BeFit.  Also there is a very nice collection of free full-length yoga videos at YogaYak.


Erin said...


I am enjoying reading your blog. You seem to have done your homework. I clicked on your link on the right for "Fibroids Miracle". I can't seem to find any real reviews on this and it seems kind of shady, but I'm intrigued. Can you tell me if this is the real deal and if you've read it personally? Thanks!

Fibroid Shrinker said...

Hello Erin,
Sorry for the delayed response. I have indeed read Fibroid Miracle. I also don't like the tone of how they advertise it. I still believe what I wrote at right, "I don't think this is the complete answer but it has a lot of good info, and following it is a good start"