Thursday, March 28, 2013

Miracle - tumor shrinks in 3 minutes!

I'm participating in a fascinating program right now, called The Feminine Art of Manifesting.  It goes for six weeks and this is week 2, if you are interested I think that it's not too late to join it (the first two weeks' calls are recorded and you can access them to listen anytime).  More information here. You can also sign up here to listen to the two free pre-calls that they did (again, I think this should work) that will give you a taste of their style/content.

In the first call, which was focused on having the mindset that miracles can happen, they mentioned a "medicine-less hospital" in China and a video of how they used energy medicine techniques to shrink a tumor (bladder cancer) in 3 minutes. So of course I had to run to the internet to look it up, and quickly found the video here.  Wow, mind-blowing!  Here's some more information on the hospital, although this page notes at the bottom it was closed for political reasons (I looked further and it seems the Chinese government feared the Falun Gong and cracked down on all types of qigong at that time, such a shame).  It seems however that the kinds of techniques there are taught by this site (in person classes and also downloadable courses) and also this one (both in-person and books and CDs).  I got one of the DVDs from the second one.  Evidently the technique is called Zhineng Qigong and there are some instruction books and DVDs about it here.

Meanwhile, the gal I did rolfing with last year is training on Medical QiGong and she practiced on me today and wow it was good! I had always wanted to try Medical QiGong and it did feel effective, calming and energizing at the same time.  She did notice the energy blockage in my abdomen (where the fibroids are...)

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