Friday, October 5, 2012

Scientists Uncover Genetic Link for Uterine Fibroids

Very interesting, could lead to personalized medicine.  Article here.

Looks like fatty acid synthase is the culprit, and looks like inhibitors of it are something that is sold as an anti-tumor agent, but this seems unproven and the ones out there are expensive.  Possibility however that xanthones and benzophenones could be helpful (article), although my other research suggests that benzophenones are phytoestrogens linked to causing fibroids (are we confused yet?).  Also looks like EGCG from green tea is a fatty acid synthase inhibitor, which could explain why it seems to be helpful for fibroids.

So I'm putting in an order for some mangosteen capsules (they include xanthones), some green tea extract with EGCG,  (I have seen some stuff on the web about mangosteen being helpful for fibroids, but have been reluctant to spend the big buck for the juice product that's out there, so capsules seem like an economic alternative.

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