Wednesday, May 2, 2012

how to rewire your brain

Next week is the 2012 Tapping World Summit, the free online event that offers a great introduction to EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, the powerful technique based on acupuncture meridians that really does rewire your brain).

Last night I was at a work event along with a lot of high-powered businesswomen.  The speaker's topic was about difficult "under-the-gun" situations and how to deal with them.  One thing she did was get the participants talking about difficult experiences they had had related to speaking in public.  Some of them starting talking about things that happened way back, like when they were children or teens, but that are still traumatizing them and affecting them at a deep level.  Soon this group of powerful confident women was sharing all their old traumas, it was so sad to see how painful these memories were for them.

I was this close to raising my hand and telling them "you all need EFT to help you clear out the way these memories are warping your body's energy even today!"  But it just wasn't an appropriate place for me to do that, as I'm not sure how these businesswomen would react to hearing about an energy medicine technique.  But I CAN tell all of you, so I am doing so.  You need to check this out!  Especially those of us with fibroids and/or fertility challenges, EFT is one way to clean out some of the emotional "gunk" that can be contributing to them.

The Summit is free, you can participate at a time of your convenience, and it starts Monday May 7th, so check it out!

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