Sunday, April 22, 2012

sperm could be cause of poor embryo quality

Interesting to see this study, which showed that the worse the sperm quality, the worse the embryo quality.  Really important, as doctors tend to blame all embryo quality issues on the woman's eggs.

This is particularly interesting to me, because our stupid IVF doctor told us the opposite of this for two years, right up to a couple of months before this study came out. Which was justification for overlooking my husband's terrible sperm quality and thinking that ICSI can solve everything.  So I see this as further confirmation of my theory, that we blew my window of opportunity for my best egg quality by putting really crappy (53% DNA fragmented) sperm into them.

Aaargh, I hate the male medical establishment.

So gals, if your husband's sperm are in bad shape, you need to do something about it!

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