Monday, April 2, 2012

All Women are Healers

In the place I have been staying this weekend, which I will describe in the next post, I of course checked out the bookshelves and one of the books was All Women are Healers.  I only had time to read the introduction and the first two chapters, but I was very impressed with it.

It's written from a feminist perspective, with lines such as "Dis-eases of women's reproductive system are reactions to the belittlement that women face in patriarchy."  There is a lot of discussion of the emotional issues behind disease.

The description of gemstone healing sessions in Chapter 1, including a case of a woman with uterine fibroid that she treated who felt so much better afterwards that she cancelled surgery that had been scheduled, was very interesting. I'm going to contact the author to see if she can recommend any gemstone healers in my area.

An interesting book worth checking out.  I put it on my TO READ list so will check out the other chapters later.

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