Wednesday, October 19, 2011

zyto update

This week is special because I'm taking a little bit of Clomid this cycle.  And indeed the zyto scan shows where the Clomid is stressing my system. Fortunately I had added items specifically that I thought would be affected, drawing on the Clomid related advice and info in The Infertility Cure.  Nice to be able to address the effects it's having!

There were 19 items above 20.

The top 10 stressors:

1. deficient essence
2. deficient qi
3. deficient moisture
4. 19 - vagina
5. Corticocosterone
6. vitamin C deficiency
7. corticotropin releasing hormone
8. Iron-hm
9. diethyl oxalate
10. vasopressin

My supplements for this week:

PCA-RX Peptide clathrating agent Maxam Nutraceuticals
Siliphos by Thorne
Vitamin A
Cinnamon Lourairii
NR Neuro Emotional Remedies - Thyroid Adrenals confusion (homeopathic)
Klaire labs Biotagen -- a prebiotic
Bladderwrack -- continuing the tea
Everyday Detox Tea from Traditional Medicinals
Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega
Herbs from my acupuncturist

I've been feeling great, and tell me I'm crazy but I think my stomach is looking smaller...

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