Saturday, October 8, 2011

zyto report

I decided to switch it up a bit with the Zyto plan, and now the first two weeks of my cycle I will do an egg quality focused set and the second two weeks of my cycle a fibroids focused set.  And then on top of that, my Zyto practioner announced that she had created a more extensive and detailed hormone set for me to work with.

So this week it was first time out for both the hormone set and the fibroid focused set.

What we came up with was a bunch of the hormones had issues -- 7 of the top 10 were hormones.

1. Proinsulin (precursor)
2. Erythorpoletin
3. parathyroid hormone - parathormone (PTH)
4. Estriol
5. FI-2 (fibroid point.  Zyto seems to have its own system and I can't find any reference elsewhere as to what it means)
6. LY-5 (lymph point)
7. Pregnenolone
8. LY-6 (lymph point)
9. Progesterone -h
10. Cholesterol

Got set up on a very aggressive set of supplements

First time taking Queen of Trees Uterine and Ovarian Cysts formula, but just 1 drop 3 times a day
Also first time taking Evergreen Herbs Lower Resolve, 1 teaspoon 3 times a day
Ceylon Cinnamon, 1 teaspoon 3 times a day
Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega 1 per day
Goji berry - 2 per day
Thorne Vitamin K2 1 drop per day
Phosphatidyl Choline, 1 cap 2x per day
PR Kidney complex, an herbal blend I had left over from a long-ago acupuncturist, 3 per day
Source Naturals Wellness Formula, 3 per day
Pure Encapsulations Vitamin A, 1 per day
Miscellized Vitamin D, 1 drop per day (on top of the 25 per day I'm taking on general principles)
DHEA 5 mg per day
Vitamineral Green, 1 teaspoon once per day
Futureplex Antitox LMPH-DRN

So looks like we are trying to boost those hormones, clean out the lymph, and bust up those fibroids!

Yes I know that just a few drops of this or that, or one of two goji berries, seems a bit odd and how can it help?  But I guess the idea is to use them almost homeopathically.

In addition further down the list, had a bunch of other lymph points, some other fibroid points, and things like copper, vitamin D, ovary, ascites nosode (which is fluid in the abdominal cavity), vitamin A, uterus and heard weakness also came up as issues.

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