Wednesday, September 14, 2011

zyto update

Not much progress this week, as I caught a cold and that seems to have knocked me off balance a bit.

8 items over 20.  We did my egg quality set, and left out the hormones and instead put in a bunch of things related to having a cold.  Also thyroid messed up as viruses upset the thyroid.

#1 thyroid-adrenals confusion, at a whopping 107.86
#2 thyroid stimulating hormone deficiency
#3 Trisomy 13 syndrome
#4 a sample I took of my phlegm
#5 "2 uterine cervix"
#6 Diethyl Oxalate
#7 TCM spleen meridian
#8 Thyroid stimulating hormone deficiency - pituitary
#9 "72 fallopian tubes, clitoris"
#10 "91, 51, 13, 3/10 Fibroisis - cord"

My herbs are some from my acupuncturist, 3 types of probiotics (Primal Defense Ulta Garden of Life, Pearls Enzymatic, and Pearls Enzymatic IC), Melatonin 1 capsule, Molybdenum picolinate 4 capsules 1 time per day, nettle infusions, Whole Foods zinc 1 per day, and Hypothalmapath homeopathic 18 drops 2 times per day.

Also I have two affirmations: "I am assertive in meeting my own needs" and "It's ok for me to make mistakes"

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