Thursday, August 11, 2011

zyto update

Been rather busy so need to do 2 weeks of Zyto updates.

Am continuing my strategy of delving into the Zyto databases to pick up items around a specific theme.  So did a longer session and put together a set devoted to egg quality, focusing on endocrine issues, ovary, etc.  Then used this as a scan set along with the hormone set.

Wow, guess I hit the nail on the hesd with it. Ended up with 36 items over 20 on the scale, 6 over 40. 
1. Bone, skin and soft tissue
2. Adrenal gland, right
3. NADPH - thyroid
4. Ovaries or Testes
5. 5-element Yin Disharmony
6. Org - Eval Critically stressed (Zincum 60x)
7. Thyroxine (T4)
8. Menopause
9. Cortex adrenal
10. Pancreatitis

Didn't like seeing menopause there, and among the other 36 over 20 were scary things like Female Infertility, Chromosomal abnormalities, Polycystic kidney disease (which we chose because it runs in the family, and as a standin for PCOS which was not in the data set).

So fretted about it all week.  Supplements were:
HMF Forte Genestra capsules -- for digestion, probiotic
Malic acid
DGX Theramedix disgestive enzymes
Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil
Kidney-Tone homeopathic
Borage Oil

Then this week, ran the same set and saw a striking improvement.  Only 13 over 20.  Also scanned some of the past top issues on digestion, and they came up pretty low.  Still a little bit of candida, but not much.

Top ten were:
Parathyroid hormone - parathormone (PTH)
Estrone -h
TCM spleen meridian
Ovaries or testes
TCM UB -62 point
Ovarian cysts
Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) Thyroid
Genito-urinary system
Anterior pituitary (adenohypohysis)

Still seems to be some endocrine issues.  Interesting to me is how pretty much every time, something related to the thyroid shows up in my top 10. That really seems to be my nemesis issue!  But it's a different one each time which is interesting.  Kind of like we are fine-tuning it.

Going away for a trip so asked that this week's set not have any homeopathics or liquids or stuff that needed to be refrigerated.  Well of course those came up on top

Next time if we are continuing to do well, will 1) re-do my stool test to check on the candida etc. and 2) will whittle down the egg quality list to the key ones and also work with the ones from the digestive set that still needed work.  I suspect that won't take too long at this rate, and then after that we can go on to the fibroid set I made, which will be interesting.

A whopping dose of cinnamon -- 3 tablespoons 3 times per day!
WholeMega 1000 mg
Juice Plus Vineyard
Mg - Mega --- a form on indole carbinol
Standard Process Renatrophin PMG
Calcium Magnesium from pure
Standard Process Iplex
Underberg Natural Bitters, 1 drop per day
Bioset probiotic
Dr. Hulda Clark Super W Blend -- main ingredient is wormwood, which is anti-parasitic and anti-candida.  It's also supposed to be good for shrinking fibroids.

I really have been feeling better lately. Since June 1 I have lost 4 pounds too -- due to the Zyto work really gaining momentum, plus some other changes I need to write more about: super-slow weight lifting, adopting a Paleo/Primal diet, significant increase in fermented foods, joining a new gym and an EFT marathon.


Anuja said...

Good day!

Have you heard of HIFU(High intensity focused ultra sound) for fibroids?

Is this method safe for future pregnancy?

Question 2:
How much these supplements/therapies you undertake helps in reducing the size of the fibroid.

I am also planning to visit a naturopath. i shall update you after my visit.

Best wishes

Jade said...

I have been on chemical drugs and still have heart disease. Then this awesome doctor recommended bovine thyroid, which was great. I've only been on this for two weeks and my hair & skin are much better !!