Wednesday, August 3, 2011


This post on egg quality covers familiar territory, but the discussion of 7-KETO DHEA is a new one on me. 


Anonymous said...


I have been a long time follower of your blog - checking in every now and again. Hope things are going well with your fibroids!

I wanted to send you a link to some women who are trying Apple Cider Vinegar to shrink fibroids and regulate periods. The posts are dated, but the information is there!

I read it and tried two teaspoons of ACV the first day of my period.
Honestly, I was surprised at how much lighter my flow was. (It's usually extremely heavy the first few days...distressingly heavy!)

I've been taking 2teaspoons each morning since and have really noticed a shift in my period. It usually goes on for 10 or 11 days and now I am on Day 7 and it's completely gone! It's the first normal cycle I have had in years!

Maybe there's a secret cure that's been there all along?

Fibroid Shrinker said...

Thanks so much for checking in.
Right now my fibroids seem to be in a holding pattern (recent ultrasounds have been inconclusive on whether there is shrinking but they don't seem to be growing), but I am seeing some good results of a variety of changes I have made since the beginning of June, and have lost 4 pounds.
Thanks so much for sharing the info about the ACV. So interesting!
And thanks for the link to that page, there was a lot of good info on there. I was interested to see the reference to chickweed, hadn't heard of that one, may give it a try too!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are doing well! Thanks so much for your response - it means a lot to be able to reach out to others who are having some of the same issues.