Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Candida, Candida, Candida

Got back the results of my Metametrix stool sample. 

1. A little low on Bifidobacter sp.
2. Yeast/Fungi was VERY high -- the highest level they report. This is the Candida.  :(  Not surprising though.
3.  I also have parasites -- Cryptosporidium sp., and some other one "taxonomy unavailable"
4. My adiposity index was off -- firmicutes high and bacteroidetes low -- it should be reverse.  This could be helping to explain why I am having trouble losing weight.  More info on this topic here and here
5. I had high "putrefactive SCFA"  This can be due to pancreatic insufficiency, protein maldigestion, malabsorption.  Could be any, but we do have some evidence that I'm having pancreatic issues.

So here's what we did with the Zyto.  We made a special screen category of issues raised by the stool sample, plus other things related to disgestion, metabolism, blood sugar, etc. (I had made a list ahead of time) and then ran that as a scan with the hormone list.

Interesting results.  First of all, nothing over 34.03.  So those incredibly high results from last week were just some kind of anomaly. 

1. Insulin
2. TBPA, a hormone related to thyroid
3. Diabetes Mellitus
4. Uric acid
5.  Obesity
6. Porphyrias (related to detoxification)
7. Bacteriodes (one of the good flora I'm low on)
8. Leucine -- an amino acid related to building muscle
9. Glucagon - h  (sorry forgot what this is...)
10. Blood  type diet -- refers to Eat Right For Your Type
11. Candida tropicalis
12. Type II diabetes
13. Colon
14. Growth hormone
15. Cortisol

Interesting stuff. This confirms my suspicion that we needed to add new things to the scan -- half of these are things that it was my idea to include.

Plan is to keep working with this combo of items, perhaps also adding the Chinese 5-element to keep tabs on the whole system.  Keep going till get the values under control (we'll see how long it takes), then I plan to make a set of items related to fibroids.

Taking a lot of stuff now:

1. Vitamin K2 -- 1 drop per day -- my practitioner says somehow it helps with the Candida
2. WholeMega fish oil, 1 capsule per day -- for the hormones
3. Borage Oil, 1000 mg 2x per day -- for hormones
4. ADHS -- adaptogenic to support normal cortisol levels, two twice a day
5. HMF replete probiotic, 1 packet twice a day, a huge dose
6. Bioset Probiotic, 1 twice a day
7. My acupuncturist's herbs, 1 scoop 3 times per day
8. Lauricidin -- anti-candida, 1 scoop 3 times per day
9. Flora Wellness -- coptis and black walnut blend

My Chi Nei Tsang practitioner had suspected that I had a parasite, looks like he was right.  He had recommended some Hulda Clark's herbs, which I had put into the Zyto, but they were not a good match.

Will be interesting to see how it looks next week....

Anyway, I'm feeling pretty good so that's a good thing (the stuff I took last week seemed very helpful)

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