Wednesday, June 22, 2011

zyto scan this week

This time went back to my Scan 1.  I was feeling out of whack due to travel last couple of days and a bunch of stuff happening and not able to eat right.  Also hadn't had my acupuncture appt. this week and my Chi Nei Tsang practitioner has been out sick for a couple of weeks so that doesn't help much.

My highest stressor was 53.40 and I had 16 over 20.   Top was testosterone -h,  then TCM small intestine meridian, then gonadotropin - h, then TCM spleen meridian, then metabolic acidosis (true I hadn't had many greens or other veggies the last few days), food stressors dairy/egg (odd because I hadn't had either of those much), vitamin C deficiency (again pointing out poor food lately), TCM - triple warmer, then etiocholanolone (a metabolite of testosterone), then food stressors meats/poultry.

Then after that, a lot of the usual stuff -- sinuses, candida, various hormones, ovarian stuff, eye, uterus.

My practitioner says I am doing better as I am needing fewer supplements, in less quantity.  Well, I do feel better but would like to see more progress.  I tell her I will be doing better when my fibroids are gone.  She said "well you've had them for a long time you can't expect them to just go poof" and I replied "well why not, if we can identify the right thing in the Zyto to target"

This week:

8 flavor rehmania teapills, 1 tablet 3 times per day
Gyne-chord -- homeopathic to detox the reproductive system, 14 drops 2 times per day
Fibozolve -- homeopathic to dissolve fibroids, 6 drops 2 times per day
Glysen -- a multivitamin and herb mixture aimed at helping with sugar metabolism, 1 capsule 3 times per day
Detox lymph homeopathic again, 3 drops 2 times per day
herbs from my acupuncturist, 1 scoop 3  times per day

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