Wednesday, June 15, 2011

latest Zyto session

Had another Zyto session today, continuing to make progress.  I decided to start a second scan set, this one contains the hormone set and the Candida set we used before, all organs, and this time new amino acids, the chakras, and Chinese 5 element theory.  

I'm going to keep adding to it and it's not complete yet, so can't be compared with the other set exactly.  Does seem like I'm making progress.  Also, in just a week all the recommended supplements changed except one, so this argues to me that I should be doing this weekly.

The top stressor was only 26.46.  That was leucine, an amino acid used in the liver and adipose tissue and muscles.  It's needed also to make ferritin -- important as I have a tendency to have low ferritin levels.

#2 was one of the Chinese 5 element theory items -- "stomach - disgust" and #3 was another "large intestine - stuck"

#4 is adrenohypophyseal hormones -- not sure what that is

#5 is central nervous system -- not a good thing to have be stressed!

#6 is ovary and #7 is pineal gland

#8 is follicular gonadotropic releasing peptide

#9 is another 5 element "liver - anger" (not a surprise!)

#10 is Candida krusei -- ugh, can't seem to be done with that Candida!

The only chakra that showed up is Chakra 3.  Interesting, as thought that Chakra 2, the one associated with fibroids, would be the one.  But I seem to remember hearing someplace else that Chakra 3 was more my issue.

Also interesting that very little that seems directly related to fibroids was showing up.  I keep thinking that we just don't have the right thing in the scan list.  Want to keep working on that.

My regimen this week is:

1. A new form of DHEA -- BioSom spray by Metagenics, 2 sprays 1 time per day
2. Dandelion capsules  3 capsules 2 times per day
3. Lymph Drain homeopathic, 12 drops 2 times per day
4. Mugwort -- will make an infusion
5. Calcium orotate  one capsule 2 times per day
6. blue-green algae  1 teaspoon 1 time per day
7. Chuan Xin Lian Pills 1 3 times per day

I'm feeling good so I am thinking that this is working.  So am going to once per week.

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