Friday, May 20, 2011

notes from Randine Lewis call

I'm cleaning off my desk, and thought I would share some notes from a Randine Lewis teleconference call I participated in awhile ago.

She said that hers is a "radical approach to healing" that is not just manifestations, and she won't answer questions like "what kind of DHEA should I take." 

"Healing is to make whole"

She talked about an iceberg, in which the top 10% above water is the manifestation of the body, and physical symptoms like FSH and estradiol.  Then below the water is the mind and the emotions, and below that the spirit (the "shen") that takes the water and brings it into the iceberg.

"In most cases, the individual is not aware of what she was doing that was causing obstructions within her."

"The only true healer is your own heart. A real healer is someone who will help guide you to where your issues arise and help you to resolve them."

"When you get yourself into alignment with the world, fertility is the natural expression."

Some great quotes there, thought I would share.

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