Saturday, May 14, 2011

latest Zyto session

Unfortunately I don't have complete comparability here, as 1) my practitioner added a bunch more elements to my standard scan, mostly hormonal ones -- she is still learning about the machine, and finding more relevant things. She says she wants to stop with what we have, as it's not good and also not practical to scan too many things.  (My thought is, once we are able to get all the items on the current scan consistently under control, then I am thinking to make a secondary scan to look at other items.)  2.)  I didn't get a printout of the stressors. I remembered it later in the session, and my practitioner said she thought it was a waste of paper, because we are just going to address those stressors through the treatment anyway.  I want to watch for the "whack-a-mole effect" and also try to understand how this process may relate to my progress (yes, I am geeky).  Anyway, I will do my best to remember last time.

So, here's what I recall.  The highest stressor was 30, so that's good in that I am way down from the top one of 80 last time.  It seemed like there were a lot more stressor items, but I think that is because she specifically added a bunch that she suspected were relevant for me -- also can't tell for sure because don't have the printout.  In particular lots of hormonal things came up, including estrogen and gonadotropins.  One of the highest stressors was iodine, which my practitioner means that I was taking it too long this past set of supplements, or that I needed more -- it's not clear which that was, the form I was taking did not come up as high on the list but another form did come up as being helpful.  Hmm, I have some concerns there.

It's hard to remember everything else.  A bunch of acupuncture points I'm not sure what they mean -- the practitioner doesn't dwell too much on the individual stressors except at the stage of selecting the supplements, as a clue to which ones to pick for the best combination.  Lymphatic drainage of the eye area was one though -- not surprising as my eyes were puffy this week!  Also candida in the lung area specifically.  Some sinus issues.  In other words, other variations of my usual stuff, but not the exact same ones as last time. I don't remember seeing any of the specific meridians come up, so perhaps they are doing ok.

Due to some scheduling issues, I went three weeks between the Zyto sessions this time.  I think that in the future, my usual every 2 weeks schedule will be better.  (The Zyto site said once per month, but that seems too long for me -- maybe ok if you have lower stressor levels, but I am trying to intensively treat a serious issue)  Also, this time the third week I was starting to feel out of whack, in part because it was right before my period and I was particularly bloaty and PMS-y.  And it didn't feel like the supplements were right anymore -- in other words was kind of getting sick of the detox tea! So two weeks should work better, especially for controlling the whack-a-mole issue.

Here's my supplement plan for this time:

Standard Process Spanish Black Radish, 3 tablets 3 times per day.  This is a "drainage" formula. This had a helpfulness rating of 140.52 -- that's huge!
Metagenics EstroFactors, 1 capusule 2 times per day.  This is one I haven't taken before.  It's for helping process estrogen and deal with PMS.
Pure Encapsulations DHEA 5 mg capsule, 1 once a day
Gemmotherapy Rosmarinus officinalis -- this is a homeopathic drainage formula, focused on the gallbladder.  (More info about gemmotherapy and drainage here), 50 drops 3 times per day
Vitamineral Green, one teaspoon once per day
Herbs from my old acupuncturist (have a backlog of these, so put into the system and using them up when they are relevant), powdered formula not sure of the contents, 1 teaspoon 2 times per day
Norival, 1 capsule 2 times per day (back to this, but it doesn't have the giant helpfulness factor of the first time)
Jia Wei Xiao Yao San teapills by Mayway, one 3 times oer day

I am feeling better today (2 days later) but also I got my period which always makes me feel better, so hard to say...

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