Monday, May 30, 2011

dangers of sitting continued

I started a new "super slow" exercise program today (more on that later) and the trainer gave me a lecture about all the sitting I do.  I've mentioned here before how sitting is so terrible for your health, and when he started talking about lymph stagnation etc. I decided that I need to do something about it!

He suggested getting a standing desk.  I had heard about these, but was unsure how one would fit in my office space, plus I hate unplugging my laptop and moving it around.  (Currently it's on my desk, behind the large monitor that I plug it into).

Got the idea of getting an ajustible one, and found this one on Amazon -- reasonably priced but substantial enough for it to feel like real furniture to me (some of the other options looked to flimsy for me to feel like I could work at them).  The nice thing about it is that the desk height can be moved down, which I will do when I'm not using it, so that it's not an eyesore in the office.  I'm thinking to have the laptop live on it permanently, and then when I want to work standing I can just go around to the other side of the desk and raise the height of the top and open the laptop and I'll be all set!  Also, when it's at normal desk height mode, I may use it with my kneeling chair.  I purchased the kneeling chair awhile ago, and sometimes it feels helpful and at least gives a change of pace for the body. But to be honest I am too lazy to switch it with my regular chair, esp. because my office is crowded and I don't feel like wrestling with it each time.  But I plan to leave it set up by the laptop station, so can hop over there when I want a sitting change too!

And for those who are interesting, while I was searching for a standing desk, found this article which is pretty convincing on why you should have one.

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