Wednesday, April 20, 2011

further adventures with the Zyto

Went in for my second appointment today using the Zyto machine.  Really fascinating.

We don't have 100% exact comparison, because evidently the practitioner had not saved the set chosen for the stressor scans from last time (kind of annoying as thought she had).  We made a new one this time that will be our standard set for future ones, for better comparability. The scan we made this time was 90% the same as last time, except it left out the Chinese 5-element diagnosis and also a couple other misc. one that she had put in, and also this time she added a couple of others I had requested.  But for all intents and purposes, the same key things were measured.

Anyway, good news in that we are making progress.  All the major stressors from last time have been calmed down, so that their stress factor is much lower, or zero.  Previously, the highest stressor was -117.33 (absolute values are what matter) and there were 2 pages of stressors with values over 37, but now the highest one is only 80.46 and there are only 4 with values over 37!  So that means things are overall much calmer.

Here are the top stressors now:
1. Fatty acid metabolism point  -- this is the only one that seems like a whack-a-mole issue, as it was not on the stressor list previously
2. Eye -- this is a new one that I had asked her to add, because my eyes have been bothering me lately (guess I was right!)
3. Fibroid point
4. Sucrose -- this one was not on the list before, also a whack-a-mole
5. Eyes
6. Sinuses -- Ethmoid (still some post-nasal drip from recent cold, plus a bit of allergy)
7. an acupuncture point I'm not sure what it is
8. Conception Meridian
9. Androsterone
10.  Thyroid peroxidase.  There were also 8 other thyroid-related things on the list, so this is a definite theme

So, for the supplements that will address these.
Only continuing to take one thing from last week -- the black currant seed oil.
Lymph Tone homeopathis -- 13 drops 2x daily
Lipsomal glutathione -- 1 cap 2x daily
Lugol's iodine -- 1 drop daily
Core berbines -- 9 drops 2 x daily
Traditional Medicinals Everyday Detox tea -- 1 packet 3x daily

So looks like we are supporting the thyroid with the lugol's, and addressing fibroids with some detoxification, and helping the sinuses and eyes with some lymph system work and support to the immune system. It feels wierd to me to be taking so little stuff, especially so few pills!  But anyway so far this seems to be working so will give it a chance!

Also my acupuncturist wanted to give me a new formula, but did not have it ready yesterday, but I'm going to take it too as so far he has been really on the mark.

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