Sunday, March 20, 2011

in the "I wish someone had told me" category

Was peeking at the website of the anti-hysterectomy HERS Foundation today, and found the following paragraph in the section on fibroids:

Both estrogen and progesterone stimulate fibroid growth. Some foods, such as eating large amounts of soy, can also stimulate excess estrogen production, which in turn makes fibroids grow. There is an abundance of advertising for vitamins and other products that promise to reduce the size of fibroids or eliminate them entirely, but many are ineffective, and others actually stimulate fibroid growth. For example, so-called "natural" progesterone yam creams are promoted as a way to shrink fibroids, but in fact they make them grow.

Well, based on the advice in Healing Fibroids Naturally, in the first year of my fibroids, I consumed a LOT of soy.  (Other parts of that book are pretty good, but boy that one was wrong!)  Then, the second year on a chiropractor's advice I used a ton of progesterone cream.  Ugh.  My fibroids might not grown as large as they did if I didn't follow that "advice".

Check out the HERS Foundation website, it's interesting.  The fibroids section was very good, with some info on endometrial ablation and embolization that would give one pause too.

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