Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cheryl Richardson on EFT

As I have written about here before, I am a big fan of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), the tapping technique for dealing with emotional issues.  I have been working with an EFT coach to address my fibroids and fertility challenges.

Just found this video featuring Cheryl Richardson, who is the author of Take Time for Your Life, one of my favorite books.

In it, she describes how she discovered EFT, why she thinks it's so helpful, and gives examples of how she has used it on herself and others (including a friend who she helped quit smoking after just one session of EFT).

I definitely recommend checking it out.  Link here.  You'll definitely be inspired to give it a try.

My favorite quote from this video:  "Anything you resist feeling or thinking about, is what you should be tapping's leading you right to where you are stuck...The quicker you can get to that, the quicker you can dissolve that block."

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