Tuesday, February 1, 2011

BPA --- testing for it and getting rid of it

Decided to do some more research on BPA today.

It seems that there is just one lab in the U.S. that offers a BPA test, seems that it was recently launched.  Here's the link to the test catalog, which shows they do both urine and blood tests.

I'm even wondering if it makes sense to test, because 1) they'll just compare you to the general population, which we know probably has way too much BPA (have seen stats that over 90% of the US population has traces of BPA in their blood), and 2) it's not clear how to get rid of it once you have it.

Here are some articles on how to get rid of BPA.

This article says it's stored in your fat, so the way to get rid of it is to exercise and loose weight.
This article says "At present there is no natural product or drug that has shown to eliminate bisphenol-A and phthalates from the body" but talks about preliminary studies with HMD (which I took for awhile for heavy metals) and keeping your liver and detox mechanisms in good shape overall.
This article talks about how glutathione is needed to detox BPA.
This article doesn't talk about detoxing BPA specifically, but outlines a good program for all types of toxins.

Also on the subject of detoxing, there was a great EFT script for detox tapping in their newsletter today, check it out here.  Am going to go try it now...

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