Saturday, January 8, 2011

Natural Healing Wisdom

This evening I went to the grand opening party for Be Yoga in Palo Alto CA.  After the excellent yoga class, my husband availed himself of the snacks, but I wasn't interested.  But I did spot the book Natural Healing Wisdom and curled up with it on the couch for a little while.  It's a lot like The Whole Earth Catalog or Our Bodies Ourselves (remember those? guess I am totally dating myself! Anyway I was a kid when those came out!) in size and style.
I couldn't read it all in the 20 minutes I had, but what I read I thought was really good. For example the lymphatic drainage self-massage was explained well and I plan to give it a try.   
Especially if you're new to alternative healing, I think it would be a better value than buying a bunch of books on each different healing modality. 

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