Monday, January 24, 2011

Metabolism Miracle

On the radio today I heard an interesting interview with the author of Metabolism Miracle, which although I had not heard of it is evidently a best-selling diet book.

She talked a lot, in great technical detail, about how it's important to eat right away when waking up in the morning because your liver will otherwise dump a lot of sugar into your bloodstream which can sabotage weight-loss efforts.  (Although I haven't read it yet, the recently-published 4 Hour Body which lots of people are talking about evidently makes the same recommendation of eating right when you get up)

She also talked about how it's important to drink 60 oz of water per day, to flush out the toxins that are released when you are losing weight, and how if you are too toxic and aren't hydrating then your body could stop losing weight just for that reason.

Looking at her blog there was an interesting post about abdominal fat, insulin resistance, and cancer.  As readers of this blog know, insulin issues can also be related to fertility.  Look at the top post dated 1/21/11 and the one below it which talks about how insulin issues are related to hormone problems.

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