Thursday, September 2, 2010

updates to supplement regimen

Am taking meds for an egg retrieval cycle right now, and am adding back Methyl-SP, and increasing my CoEnzyme Q10 to 200 mg per day. Took several things off my list, which cuts down my pills a bit. Stopping all the enzymes for now (did same during prior cycles, the enzymes don’t seem to fit well with the meds). Also stopping: extra vitamin C, dandelion, siliphos (milk thistle), l-glutamine, and florastor.
Switching the gemmotherapy homeopathy to vitis vinifera which works on the blood, it’s the next step from the last one I did. Also adding the flower remedy FEMFLWR which is about expression / acceptance of female aspects of self, which I think is interesting.

For herbs, switching to ones called 12 Virtues Restore Qi by Energetix.

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