Wednesday, September 8, 2010

supplement update

Went to see my Bioset practitioner today.  I asked her to look into what’s up with my sinuses, which have been bothering me the last couple of weeks. I thought perhaps that I had picked something up on the plane back from a short trip I took a couple of weeks ago, but instead she determined that it’s those non-Albians strains of Candida that are the culprit. She had been thinking anyway about how to address that, and put me on some Biotin (which evidently messes up part of the cell process of Candida) and a homeopathic called Myocan-Chord.

On the herbs, done with the Restore Chi. A big dose of the the Eight Flavor Rehmannia teapills, plus
one serving per day of the Jialogulan tea seems to work, so will go with that for the next week.

Putting back in a small dose of Essiac tea, and taking the Tegreen green tea supplement and the Hemagenix out of the rotation.  Also increasing my black currant seed oil to three pills a day, and taking a rest from the nettle and mugwort infusions.

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