Saturday, July 3, 2010

my current supplement regimen

Went to see my BioSet practitioner this week, and made some changes to my supplement regime. I'm hitting the detoxing and lymph support pretty hard here!

The FibroidClear is no longer a match.  However, am adding the following two fibroid fighters which I am very excited about:
1. Hortenses's Female Formula.  The page I linked to sells it as dried herbs, but I got it as a tincture from a Arvigo Mayan Massage practitioner. It is supposed to be incredibly effective for flushing out the fibroids from the uterus.  You can read more about the Mayan Massage and this formula in Rainforest Home Remedies.
2. Kanchanar Guggulu.  A traditional Ayurvedic herb.  Check out the link I have here, it sounds really great -- it helps thyroid and lymph and dissolves kapha accumulations in the body.

Also adding inositol (600 mg 3 times per day) and two BioSet brand enzymes -- Lymph/Immune and Nose & Throat.

And am continuing the following:

Essiac tea -- 9 tablespoons per day -- for detoxification and tumor shrinkage
Homeopathics using Lymph Tone II and Futureplex Drainage Complex -- for lymph
Healthforce Nutritionals VitaMineral Green and Vitamineral Earth, 1.5 tablespoons of each per day --detoxing and superfood
Lauricidin, 3 scoops per day -- for candida and immune functionl-Glutamine powder -- 2 scoops 2 times per day -- for detoxificationhalf teaspoon of Acacia powder twice a day -- fiber
1.5 tablespoons of hemp seeds once a day -- fiber and protein and healthy fats
SAM-E -- for my liver
Vitalzym 3 capsules twice a day (although waiting for the next shipment) -- systemic enzyme to dissolve fibrin
1 nattokinase twice a day -- systemic enzyme to dissolve fibrin
2 Inferfase Plus twice a day -- enzymes primarily for candida
Sambazon Acai powder, 1 scoop per day -- detoxification
Tegreen green tea extract, 2 per day -- antioxidant and fibroid fighter
Solaray dandelion, 1 per day -- detoxification
X-FLM antioxidant supplement, 1 per day -- antioxidant
Vital Immunity supplement, 3 per day (includes broccoli seed concentrate, milk thistle, Indole 3-Carbinol, and DIM so it's great for dealing with excess estrogen)
Standard Process Calcium Lactate 4 per day -- bone health and mineral
pure encapsulations NAC 900 mg 3 per day -- detoxification
Glycine, 2 twice a day with the NAC -- detoxification
COQ10 150 mg per day -- cell vitality
Calcium d-glucarate 2 per day -- good for dealing with excess estrogen
Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega, 2 per day -- good fats
Biotics Research Aqueous Chromium, 2 drops per day -- trace mineral
Biotics Research Bio-D-Mulsion, 1 drop per day -- Vitamin D
NOW Red Mineral Algae, one per day -- Calcium, Vitamin D, trace minerals
Thorne Siliphos, 2 per day -- liver support
Thorne Methyl-Guard, 1 per day -- special B vitamins needed because of my MTHFR status
Whole Foods Chelated Zinc (also includes copper), 1 per day -- mineral
Florastor, one per day -- probiotic
FOS, one per day -- prebiotic
Pure encapsulations DHEA, 5 mg one every other day -- egg quality
Whole Foods Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids, 3 per day -- detox, antioxidant support
Priority One Magnesium Orotate, 2 per day -- mineral
Priority One Calcium Orotate, 2 per day -- mineral
Juice Plus Vineyard Blend, 2 per day -- general nutrition and bioflavonoids, esp folate
Pure encapsulations Phosphatidylcholine, 4 per day -- fat metabolism
Theramedix DGX, 3 per day -- digestion support
Pure encapsulations Black Currant Seed oil, 2 per day -- good fats
Pure encapsulations Ultra Nutrient, 2 per day --general multivitamin and mineral
Metagenics Hemagenics, 2 per day -- blood support/iron
PCA-RX, 2 sprays per day -- anti-Candida
Lugol's Solution, 2 drops per day -- iodine
Folgard iron supplement, 2 per day -- iron

That's a lot, and to be honest I am having trouble actually fitting all of these in every day, especially with the many that need to be taken between meals.  I am doing my best pounding them back, and hoping that I can cut back on some of them soon.


ginae said...

Darn. i really wanted to try the hortense formula but it says only avigo practictioners and their clients can but it...

Fibroid Shrinker said...

I would definitely suggest trying out the Arvigo Mayan massage, it is supposed to be great for fibroid shrinking. They also teach you a self-care routine you can do at home.

Practioner list is here.

Ginae said...

thanks for the link. i found quite a few actually in my city which surprised me..