Sunday, July 4, 2010

fibroids -- kapha accumulations in the tissues

I decided to look for another source of the organice Kanchanar Guggul, since the one I used before takes so long to ship.  I found this one.

I thought this description of its function was very interesting:

Kanchanar Guggulu is a traditional Ayurvedic formula used for kapha accumulations in the tissues. As kapha moves deeper within the system, it may manifest as swollen lymph nodes, cysts or growths. Powerful decongestants such as kanchanar, triphala and trikatu are mixed with guggulu to break down and eliminate hardened kapha. This detoxifying blend supports the proper function of the lymphatic and digestive systems, aiding in the prevention of further kapha imbalances.

About 4 years or so before my fibroids were first diagnosed, I had swollen lymph nodes -- so am guessing that was an early warning system.  Wish I had seen an Ayurvedic doctor then!  The thing I can't understand, is that whenever I do one of those dhosha quizzes I am always some combination of Pitta and Vata, so then how is it that my Kapha got out of whack?  I may need to consult an expert for more info, but I am already seeing so many medical people don't think I can really easily add another right now!
Here is an interesting page on Ayurveda and fibroids, with lots of  recommendations (not very easy to follow!)
This page has Ayurvedic ointments aimed at reducing kapha accumulations.  Something to consider...


Ginae said...

You said you decided to look for another website to buy the stuff because you said they take to long to send it.

How long were they taking? I want to try it but don't want to wait forever to get it.

Fibroid Shrinker said...

It seems like they take a week to process the order then another 2 weeks or so for it to arrive. So no it does not arrive quickly. Note also that only 30 tablets per bottle -- in my case that's just a 6 day supply. So don't be fooled by the seeming low price. Don't know why they don't just fill up the bottles!

I got the other kind (Banyan brand) much more quickly but the formulation is slightly different.

Taking to my BioSet practitioner tomorrow to see if she sees a difference in efficacy between them.

Ginae said...

let me know what your practictioner says about the efficacy if you remember to.

okay i just brought two bottles and thought that only 1 pill a day was needed. you mean your suppose to take several pills a day. i'm mad about that. i just wasted my money I guess because I can't afford to buy enough to make a difference. however i have no ideal how long the pills should be taken...

Fibroid Shrinker said...

The bottle says something like 4 to 6 a day (they are small) and the Bioset suggested 5 for me.

And only 30 in a bottle so it doesn't go a very long way.

Ginae said... these pills seem to do a lot of things that I need to happen so I will try and get more eventually. shrinking fibroids is expensive eh?

Fibroid Shrinker said...

Yes shrinking fibroids is a very expensive proposition!

Bruce wayne said...

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