Tuesday, July 13, 2010

case study of a woman who got rid of a fibroid

--that developed while she was pregnant! Details here.  She was working with a trained herbalist.


Ginae said...

That was interesting what the woman said she used to get rid of her fibroids (the 3 ingredients of Dulse, Crampbark and False Unicorn Root) because I have been taking this product called FemEase along with Pau D' Arco and in the FemEase it has Crampbark and False Unicorn Root as two of the ingredients in it.

I got the Femease and Pau D' Arco because of another link you had on your website about another great story about how someone shrunk their fbroids and she said she brought Femease and Pau D' Arco and gave the website where she got it from because she said all Pau D'Arco is not created equal. I brought it like a month ago and let me tell you I am seeing a lot of human tissue in the toilet. A lot more than what I was even seeing when I took the Fibroidclear. So I'm getting excited and was even more excited to see that two of those ingredients are already in this Femease stuff that I'm taking.

Keep the good articles coming about folks that shrink their fibroids....

Fibroid Shrinker said...

Wow that is so exciting about your losing more tissue. I will have to check out the FemEase and the Pau D'Arco.

For readers, the site she is mentioning where these can be ordered are: http://www.drmomessentials.net/vickies-products/

Tam said...

Awesome blog! I love being able to share info like this. I started the Fibroidclear about 1 month ago - 3 capsules per day. I haven't noticed any difference so far. Now, I am anxious to try the Femease and Pau D'Arco. I don't know if I should take them with the Fibroidclear. What do you think? Thank you. You gals are a great help and keep my hopes high.

Fibroid Shrinker said...

Hi Tam,
Thanks so much for the positive feedback!
I'm not a medical professional so I can't give advice on which herbs to take together. My general feeling is that herbal regimens need to be tailored to the individual, that what herbs one needs will tend to change over time, and that it's best to take herbs under the direction of a trained professional (herbalist, naturopath, acupuncturist, etc.)
In my case, I go to a BioSet practitioner who is able to check which herbs and supplements I need using the machines, which I personally like because it feels more scientific to me.
Good luck in your fibroid shrinking endeavors!

Ginae said...

Hi Tam...ditto what FS said, but I can tell you that I started taking the Femease and Pau D' Arco after I stopped taking the Fibroidclear...not because of any particular reason but just because I didn't even remember about those two products until after I had stopped taking the Fibroidclear and then I ordered them.

I wonder about mixing it altogether myself. Maybe you should just see what the Fibroidclear does first and then if not happy with the results move on to the other two.