Thursday, June 17, 2010

switching herbal approaches

I have decided to try a new herbal approach, and to look at Western herbs rather than Chinese ones.  Time for a change!

I took a variety of possibilities into my BioSet practitioner today, including Horetense's Formula from Rainforest Remedies (which I got from a Mayan Abdominal Massage practitioner, more on that later), and some things I found on the internet Uterine Fibroids and Cysts Formula from Queen of Trees, plain Vitex, and Gaia Echinacea Red Root.  None of them checked out on the BioSet.  What did however was FibroidClear -- but just one pill per day rather than three.  Also Essiac Tea, which I've mentioned here before is said to help fibroids but have never tried before.  I bought from this firm, the 8-herb formula.

The washed ghee also checked out, meanwhile am giving the 3 Flower Oil a break (this is for massaging my stomach)

Other things I am changing as a result of this visit:
Homeopathics using Lymph Tone II and Futureplex Drainage Complex
Increasing the Healthforce Nutritionals VitaMineral Green and Vitamineral Earth to 1.5 tablespoons of each per day, up from one teaspoon (now that I have been taking it awhile, my body can handle more) By the way the BioSet practitioner says that the Essiac Tea ingredients are all present in these as well, but just to be sure
Increasing the Lauricidin to 3 scoops per day (supposed to help with the candida, again since I have been taking it for awhile my body can handle more)
Increasing the l-Glutamine powder to 2 scoops 2 times per day (up from one previously)
For more fiber, half teaspoon of Acacia powder twice a day and 1.5 tablespoons of hemp seeds once a day
Adding SAM-E for my liver
Adding back in the Vitalzym 3 twice a day, in addition to 1 nattokinase twice a day and 2 Inferfase Plus twice a day, so getting quite a dose of enzymes

So in summary, some western herbs, increasing the probiotics and candida fighters, lots of liver and blood cleansers, lots of enzymes, and homeopathics to support drainage


Ginae said...

Wow! You sure are taking a lot of things...My head would be spinning. I'm glad you're seeing a specialist so your body won't freak out over all that...another person who I was talking to who took the fibroidclear did not have any results. The other girl did. It is weird how certain things help some and not others.

How did that Peptide X do for you? I don't know if any candida I had left but I will go back soon to see if the heavy metal toxin I had is gone. Is there a test to see if someone has candida?

Sorry I got a bit longwinded..

Fibroid Shrinker said...

Yes indeed it is a lot of stuff -- takes a lot of effort to manage it, that's for sure!

Indeed it seems that some herbs work for somepeople, and not for others.

Three ways I know of to check on the candida. One is urine test by Metametrix. One is blood test. Third is using the BioSet. Today the BioSet practitioner looked an said that the candida is better but still there.

ESSIAC Tea said...

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