Thursday, June 3, 2010

I'm detoxing!

Inspired by a great new book I read recently (will tell you more about it soon) I am emphasizing detoxing. I'm going to do the cleanse in the book Fast Track Detox that has you prep for a week then have a 1 day juice fast, but am modifying it to include 2 meatless days before the juice day and 2 after (on the advice of my acupuncturist).  I like this detox because I think that I can incorporate it in my life without too much trouble.

Also, worked with my BioSet practitioner today, to look at how my liver is doing and what additional support it might need.  And wow was I right that it needs more help.  Am adding the following to my regimen (most are things that I had been taking before, and am now rotating them into the mix again)

Sambazon Acai powder, 1 scoop per day
Tegreen green tea extract, 2 per day
Pure encapsulations NSK-SD nattokinase 2 per day
Solaray dandelion, 1 per day
Klaire Labs Interfase plus enzyme supplement, 2 2x per day
X-FLM antioxidant supplement, 1 per day
Vital Immunity supplement, 3 per day (includes broccoli seed concentrate, milk thistle, Indole 3-Carbinol, and DIM so it's great for dealing with excess estrogen)
Standard Process Calcium Lactate 4 per day
pure encapsulations NAC 900 mg 3 per day
increase my glycine to 2 twice a day
increase my COQ10 to 150 mg per day
Calcium d-glucarate 1 per day (also very good for dealing with excess estrogen)

Also my BioSet practitioner said that my body is detoxing old pharmaceuticals like tylenol, aspirin, and antibiotics, and gave me a treatment to help with that.  So looks like my body is really doing a spring cleaning, and I intend to help as much as possible! 

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