Sunday, June 6, 2010

ayurvedic remedies for fibroids

Found this video on the web, look at it then click on part 2 below to see the second part.

In it an Indian physician talks about her experience using Ayurveda to shrink fibroids.  (It's in Hindi with subtitles!) She gives a couple of home remedies. 

One is for dealing with the bleeding, and includes cumin seed powder, coriander seed powder, cobra's saffron powder, and rock sugar.  Also talks about putting 100x washed ghee (Shata Dhota Ghruta) on your stomach below the navel.

For shrinking them, in video 2 she prescribes Kanchnar Guggul tablets plus a home remedy of fennel, wild celery seed, Bharangi, and hogweed extract.  She says it works but works slowly -- takes a few months for 1 cm shrinkage.

So of course now I have to google all the things that she mentions.
  • cumin seed powder -- here's a page on its role in Ayurveda, which mentions it's helpful for menstrual difficulties
  • coriander seed powder -- did find a lot of pages mentioning it as helpful for menstrual difficulties
  • Cobra's saffron -- info here
  • I found the 100x washed ghee here and am going to order some -- sounds like it's good for your face too.
  • Kaanchnaar Guggul (there seem to be various spellings) -- now this one looks really good, info here.  It specifically focuses on the lymphatic system which is one of my big issues, and also helps with thyroid balancing which seems to be an issue for many fibroid sufferers.  I'm going to buy from this site which has an organically cultivated version, and have my BioSet practitioner check it to see if it's a match for me.
  • Fennel -- have heard that these are estrogenic so not so sure I think that's a good idea
  • Wild Celery seed -- info here, which does mention anti-tumor effect
  • Bharangi - info here but couldn't find any indication of it being used for fibroids
  • Hogweed extract -- info here, including mention of antifibrinorytic activity which would presumably be helpful for fibroids
While poking around I also found this Ayurvedic clinic that sounds wonderful, in both Santa Barbara and Berkeley (which is not far from me)  Have always wanted to try Ayurveda, but then again am wary of trying too many things at once...  Maybe just go for a massage?

Also found this other page with other Ayurvedic ideas for fibroids. I'm wondering if this is really compatible with the Chinese approach I am taking, and also thinking that like Chinese medicine it would be better to see a specialist perhaps.


Ginae said...

Hi FS.

I was wondering what putting the ghlee on your stomach below your navel does? I just looked on the website and want to try it to.

But which ghlee are you getting? The one I saw is a moisturing that the one for the stomach? Or is it one of those I see at the bottom that help with digestion, etc.?

Thanks for this looks great!

Fibroid Shrinker said...

The reason for the ghee is explained in the video. If I recall correctly, it's to deal with issues of too much heat.

The one she described in the video is just ghee washed 100x. This website describes it as a moisturizer but it's the same thing the Dr. in the video said to use on your abdomen.

I did a little more research, evidently the correct spelling is Shata Dhaut Ghrita. The page I found with the most info on it is here:

I couldn't find anything else about it being good for fibroids, other than the Dr. on this video.

Ginae said...

as always thanks for the feedback. i don't know how you find all this great info but i appreciate it.

Fibroid Shrinker said...

You're welcome.
I'm obsessed, and good with google! :)