Tuesday, May 4, 2010

hi superstar

Superstar left me a comment with a part she did not want me to post, but Blogger doesn't let me do that.  So here's the part she did want me to post, and my response.

goodness how do you keep up with all that!? my question is...is any of it working? i am not sure how long ago you started this mission to shrink your fibroids but have you had any results yet? i have been taking 8 spray of the peptide X chelation drops and then i come here and you are taking two drops per day. i wonder am i taking too many...
i can't wait to go to the doctor in august to see if my fibroids shrunk. that's when it's time for my well woman exam again and they won't just check my fibroids just to check them...my gyno moved to Hawaii so now I have to try and find another one who knows my fibroid history..i am so bummed about this because the gyno that moved even did my myometctomy 6 years ago to take my fibroids out so she knows all about me..
i'm excited to see more and more tissue in the toilet when i go to the bathroom while on this Fibroidclear.

Yes it's a lot to keep up with. I have them all organized.  The only hard ones are those that need to be on an empty stomach because need to remember to take between meals.
Not sure if it's working yet -- no exam recently -- except do have the positive result of greatly lowered heavy metals (which is why I need only 2 sprays; also on many supplements I seem to need less than the regular dose).  Keep in mind too that 1) one reason for all the supplements is also for egg quality -- as my EFT coach said the other day, there's more than one way to win here.  2) all the things I've been doing last year focused on fertility I do not think have all been helpful for the fibroids, like all these hormones I take for the egg retrievals, etc. so unfortunately I have not been doing a pure fibroid shrinking experiment.  It's best if you can focus just one the fibroids for awhile, but I didn't feel I had the luxury of time for that.
Tissue in the toilet, wow.  What time of the month?  How long have you been taking the FibroidClear, and how much?


superstar said...

Hey FS..thanks for clearing that up for me..makes a lot of sense..

Well I initially took Fibroidclear for 3 months...It recommends 3-4 months to see a difference and I thought what the heck and brought 3 bottles worth not thinking it was going to do much of anything...But about 2 1/2 months into it almot every other day I started noticing tissue in the toilet when I would use the restroom. I would be in between my periods that I know of. I never looked in the toilet while on my period..LOL..didn't really want to look then...

It was a significant amount too. So after the three months when I saw that happening I ordered two more bottles and just started them two weeks ago and have already noticed more human tissue.

Now please do not think I am endorsing this product or anything. I am just as skeptical as the next person and have no affiliation with the product. I just have been searching my little heart out and since I can be lazy at times, this Fibroidclear where you just popped a pill 3 times a day seemed like the easiest route for me.

I have also noticed that I do not have to get up and go to the bathroom several times a nite like I use to. I believe that some of the fibroids were pushing on my bladder and that was the cause. So that's another promising sign for me that they realy are shrinking.

Of course the proof will be in August when I go get another ultrasound. I will let you know the results when I do.

I have read about others who shrunk theirs naturally with other herbal supplements and stuff and they said you should take whatever you are taking for a year to make them not grow back so I don't know..I'm wondering if I go back in August and they have indeed shrunk, will they come back if I don't keep taking the product.

However I'm quite aware that I probably can help myself out with exercising and diet, none of which I have really changed/done except organic milk I've done for 3 years now and organic meat when I can.

I do plan on drinking a green drink once I finish the fibroid clear that is a detoxification drink to try and keep the excess estrogen away that seems to be the culprit of fibroids or at least that's what i hear.

O.k. this is getting long so I'll quit..lol...

Fibroid Shrinker said...

Wow, fascinating and exciting. Can't wait to hear the results of the ultrasound!